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Credit Union CRM Solutions

Understanding Profitability

To make the right decisions affecting your credit union’s profitability, you first need to understand which of your members are profitable, which are not – and why. Not knowing too often leads to cross-selling a member the wrong credit union product or creating “flavor of the month” products that come and go and do little to boost your credit union’s bottom line.

SEDONA MRM’s profit management module is just the solution you need to avoid profitability pitfalls. It offers profit analysis at the product / individual member / household / account / bank employee / credit union branch level. Essentially, it’s a “first-step” tool with bundled industry normatives your credit union can use to deliver relative profitability. But it also gives you the option of using your own, credit union-specific expense data for more-precise profit system calculation. Even data from third-party profit systems can be used with SEDONA MRM.

The credit union profit information provided by SEDONA MRM can be used in a variety of ways:

  • to segment and analyze credit union members into appropriate groups for marketing and sales programs
  • to establish product pricing
  • to optimize operational efficiencies
  • to set member service policy

And if you want an even better, more comprehensive view of your credit union’s profitability, there’s no finer tool than our ProfitPro add-on module. It facilitates multi-dimensional profitability analysis and offers flexible reporting and distribution options.

Contact SEDONA for a free demonstration of SEDONA MRM’s profit management module. And ask about the added profitability benefits of PROFITPRO.