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Financial CRM Technology


Your banking customer base and credit union membership is living through an extraordinary disruption in their financial lives and during this economic crisis, the trend for profitability of most households has been sharply downward. That is why it is vital for your institution to understand the new customer and member landscape and take action to cut its losses, shore up profitability, and manage relationships smartly.

Your market is ripe for defections from national banks, whose shaky financial situations have made worldwide headlines for months.

SEDONA CRM/SEDONA MRM helps you understand and react to this new landscape because the system pulls in data from your core system and other applications and consolidates all accounts and services for individuals and households, measuring their profitability in the process.

You then use SEDONA CRM/SEDONA MRM to:

  • reach out to your most profitable households to boost retention.
  • segment individuals, households, and businesses for tailored loyalty programs.
  • identify customers or members who are at risk for loan defaults.
  • identify at-risk households, whose balances have dropped dramatically.
  • target prospects defecting from other banks.
  • increase your referral rates and success opening new accounts.
  • better target your marketing campaigns and closely measure the results.
  • focus your efforts on the most successful programs and campaigns.
  • build your reputation with your customers and members.

With the short ramp-up time required by SEDONA CRM or SEDONA MRM, you can embark on all these initiatives quickly in order to start seeing results in the next quarter.

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